iPad Air 2 – The Best Mid-Size Tablet

iPad Air 2 – The Best Mid-Size Tablet

The iPad Air 2 is an immensely fast, startlingly thin tablet with great looks. This review of iPad Air 2 comprises tests of speed, camera tests, battery and audio tests and thorough reviews of the features, specifications, and designs of iPad Air 2. This article will also explain, how well a super-slim tablet can do in long-term as well as for heavy use.

The iPad Air 2 is a key addition to Apple’s iPad range. As iPad Pro arrived earlier to this and was also the top-end device for flagship tablet. It was launched in 2014, it came with an inspiring stack of augmentations and new features.

Design and build quality of iPad Air 2
We’ll initiate our iPad Air 2 analysis by observing the most perceptible facet of the tablet – its physical design, dimensions quality, and all-around sturdiness. How does the iPad Air 2’s corporeal chassis associate to that of the superbly slim iPad Air 1?

Touch ID
Touch ID at home button is one of the main features of this iPad Air 2. Its Touch ID is on the home button using which we can easily log in. We can purchase the apps from the third party using this ID with the use of our fingerprint. The company also insists that any kind of data is neither stored nor transferred anywhere. Fingerprint data is also always secured. If there is any need for authentication for Touch ID, the requestor will get prior intimation regarding the same. This Touch ID can support up to five fingerprints. You can easily assign this to four other people.

Size of iPad
The iPad Air 2 is slimmer as compared to previous versions And we mean that not completely in an optimistic sense; flaking more millimeters’ off a previously whisper-light framework seems like an indulgence (a delightful one, granted, but one which is not a priority), and was seemingly attained at some cost. The size of the battery, surely (but not the battery life) and hypothetically its physical strength may be compromised.

Lighter in weight
In comparison, this iPad Air 2 is lighter than any other iPad. It is 9.4-inch high and 6.6-inch wide, which is as equal to the predecessor. However, in the case of thickness, it is too thin at just 0.24 inch. It has a rigid and solidly built frame. This version is more perceptible to LCD screen as well as from its previous version.

Sockets of headphone
The sockets of headphone and button for power off is always at the top of the device which we can also see in iPhone 6-series handsets, the buttons for volume are still on the upper right and there is a SIM tray as well which is still in an uneven manner at the same plug at the lower-right side of the set.

Perfect camera
The camera of iPad is also updated, contains an 8-megapixel sensor, proficient in shooting 3264 x 2448 photos and 1080p video. It’s also proficient for time-lapse photography, 10-photos-per-second in burst mode and a panorama mode proficient in taking photographs up to 43MP. This app also offers a built-in timer.

Sensors for Touch ID
This iPad Air 2 also includes a TouchID sensor, which has been proved the fastest mobile architecture in comparison to any other platform up to this date. It has an improved camera subsystem, good memory, and storage, and is available in a thinner, lighter attachment. It has a lot of media and content in its App Store and iTunes Store. Also, enjoy free educational material from iTunes University. It has software for regular improvement of features from the company. Simplicity and security are the main features of these iPads.


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