Popular tips to pick the best faucets

Popular tips to pick the best faucets

Hardware replacement is an inevitable part of any remodeling project. Markets today offer a wide variety of faucets that are stylish, durable and come with lifetime warranties (for the original buyer) that cover defects and finish-related issues. Broadly distinguished, there are two main types of sink faucets namely single lever and two-handed. However, specifically designed array of faucets isn’t hard to find either. Here are some prudent tips on picking out the best ones.

Count the number of mounting holes
Sinks and basins come equipped with mounting holes that are pre-drilled. These holes are designed for faucets and accessories such as side sprays or soap dispensers. Make sure that the faucet you choose is suitable for the basin you have. A base plate can be used to cover the holes that are extra, if any. However, never buy a faucet that requires more mounting holes than your sink already has.

Check the spout styles and shapes
The spout style and shape needs to be chosen wisely, keeping the sink shape in mind. For example, straight spout faucets need to be moved, if you need to fit a big pot under it. Similarly, Gooseneck models can cause splashing in a shallow sink. It is essential that the faucet head is flexible enough to swing through the entire sink. Faucets also need to be proportional to the size of the sink.

Check the installation and repair procedure
Kitchen remodelers believe that a faucet and a sink are easier to install together. This is because the faucet can be mounted on the basin before it is fixed on the countertop. Single-handed faucets are easier to install. In two-handle faucets, the handles can be part of the baseplate or can be separately mounted. The sprayer is usually separate.

For a single-handle faucet, you need to check its distance to the backsplash or window ledge. This is because the rotation of the handle may hit whatever lies behind and on the side of it. The hose-in pull out faucets need to be long enough to reach all corners of the sink.


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