Why do you need to wear diabetic shoes?

Why do you need to wear diabetic shoes?

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases with almost 50% of the population suffering from it. This is a deadly disease that is mostly ignored by people due to negligence. With minor symptoms in the early stages, at times it can remain undiagnosed.

Types of Diabetes
You are most likely to get the disease if it runs in your family. Genetics is one of the most common reasons. Generally, there are two types of diabetes that can affect a person:
Type 1: This occurs when the body’s immune system fights against the insulin in the body and destroys it. This happens when external factors, like a virus attack affects the system.
Type 2: This is the most common type of diabetes. It usually develops because of the lifestyle choices of the person. An unhealthy person with problems like obesity is more prone to getting this disease. Extra fat in the body can lead to insulin resistance. The safest bet to get through this disease is to recognize it through its symptoms in the early stages.

One of the more obvious signs of diabetes are wounds that do not heal. Take precautions to keep your feet safe. A person is most prone to get injured in their feet. Wash your feet regularly and keep them dry. Make sure you don’t bruise your feet. In order to protect the feet from harm’s way, diabetic shoes were invented.

Diabetic Shoes
– Consider using diabetic shoes. They are made especially for diabetic patients. Most of the doctors recommend them.
– These shoes are designed just so the soles protect the feet. The sole of the shoe is made to help the wearer retain balance.
– These shoes are just like any other pair. They are available in all models. There are even dress shoes and walking shoes of this variety. They are very comfortable to wear.
– These shoes are made of a material that prevents sores from forming. Even when worn for several hours together, they do not harm the feet.
– The shoe is made to be airy enough so that the foot can breathe. The soles have holes in them.
– These shoes have extra depth. This is to support the person while walking.
– They have protective and soft footing that helps with blood circulation.
– For those with swollen feet at the advanced stages of the disease, these shoes offer pain relief.

The diabetic shoe can be used by people who are at any stage of the disease. It is best to stay cautious and prevent the worst from happening. Using these shoes on a daily basis can prove to be very helpful. Regularly visit the doctor and keep your B.P., weight, and cholesterol in check.


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